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Creating a new hub for tech stories that matter

Anyone who’s been in journalism for even a short time has become intimately familiar with the “change of venue” memo from a colleague. I’ve been in the field for more than a short time, and I admit that, after all these years, every time I see one of them, I fantasize what mine might be like.

Today, I’m thrilled to share the news with you that one of my most presumptuous fantasies is coming true. I’m joining Medium to establish a tech hub that strives to bring well-reported, lively, and meaningful reporting and writing to what is already shaping up as a terrific platform for the written word. I’ll be the editor-in-chief and senior writer for this (as yet unnamed) hub.

One of the things that I love about Medium is its commitment to experimentation, one that I fully embrace. So a precise description of what this new venture is going to eventually become is gleefully elusive. But I can tell you this—it will feature not only my own best writing but the work of contributors who share my belief in deeply reported, colorfully rendered stories in and around the tech explosion. We will also draw on some of the amazing contributions that are already flowing into Medium—not only professional writers but also smart people chiming in spontaneously—and bring in outside voices of authority who will express their concerns, share their thoughts, and generally provoke our readers. (In other words, barbed opinions that don’t cross the line to trolldom.)

For more than 30 years, I’ve been telling the true and truly jaw-dropping stories of the people who are changing the world with tech, and I’ve been extremely lucky in finding homes for my work. I first began writing about the subject for Rolling Stone, a magazine I idolized ever since my high school years. My twelve years at Newsweek provided an amazing front row seat to the dawn of the Internet era. And Wired, where I’ve been full time for the last six years—after freelancing for the magazine since its birth—is the gold standard of reporting on the parts of the world where the future is already distributed. Now, after hanging out at great startups since forever, I’m finally joining one, hoping to create a chunk of that future myself.

I can’t wait to start at Medium, where I’ll be able to help invent new ways to tell those stories, collaborating with people like Ev Williams, Evan Hansen (with whom I worked at Wired), and Kate Lee. However, I will wait for at least a little bit. I have to finish a couple of great stories I’ve put into motion at Wired, and then take a breather before I jump into my new job.

Watch for the tech hub to appear this fall. If you follow me on Medium, of course, you’ll be the first to know when we go live. In the meantime, if you think you might have something to offer this new enterprise, please get in touch. Even if you don’t apply for work, I welcome you to use the wonderful platform here at Medium to express yourself. And maybe I’ll find you.



Writing for Wired, Used to edit Backchannel here. Just wrote Facebook: The Inside Story.

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Steven Levy

Writing for Wired, Used to edit Backchannel here. Just wrote Facebook: The Inside Story.